The prices quoted here refer to the codes after the title of each picture on the thumb-nail page.

Price Code A: 350 (500)
Price Code B: 635 (920)
Price Code C: 950 (1380)
Price Code D: 1225 (1780)
Price Code E: 1550 (2250)

Portrait commissions start at 200 (290) for drawings and 1200 (1740) for paintings

I'm now offering pictures and portrait commissions on a standing order payment basis at a manageable rate of 2.50 (3) per week. This will indeed tie you in for a considerable period but I hope that a such a sum might not have too great an impact.



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1306. Orchid, April 2013,
Oil on Panel, 9 x 11'' (23 x 28cm)
Price Code A

1311. Littlehampton Beach, May 2013,
Oil on Panel, 7 x 9'' (19 x 23cm)
Price Code A

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