Portraits from Life

M.R, March 2009, 15 x 18"

AS, 2015-2017, Charcoal, 28 x 18"

G.L. April 2010 Oil on Paper, 12 x 8"

W, 2015, Charcoal, 16 x 12"

MDH, 2006 - 2007 15 x 18"

Portrait_of_PSJ_Ritchie.JPG (112207 bytes)

9704. Portrait of PSJR,
May '97, Oil on Board, 
25 x 19.5" (63.5 x 49.5cm)

Price Code E

The advantage taking a portrait directly in sittings is that the sense of what it is like to meet, to look at, to be in the same room as the subject comes over more strongly. It's not so much a map or model of a head, but the record of an interaction made accessible to posterity.
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