2007, Oil on Canvas 21 x 17"

PSJR.1997 Oil on Board  25 x 19.5"

G.L. April 2010 Oil on Paper, 12 x 8"

B.T.S. 2009-2010, Oil on Canvas 15 x 12"

MDH, 2006 - 2007 15 x 18"

The advantage taking a portrait directly from sittings is that the sense of what it is like to meet, to look at, to be in the same room as the subject comes over more strongly than with a portrait taken from a photo. A portrait is not so much a map or model of a head, but the record of an interaction. And this is what is special about it and what a photo has difficulty doing: this interaction, the feeling of what it is like to be around someone is made accessible to posterity.

 Sittings last two to three hours and I need a total of at least twelve hours. The subject will need to sit still for twenty minute periods within those sessions separated with breaks of a few minutes. Donít hesitate to get in touch to talk over details.

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