Portraits Using Photographs


Portrait Commission,2012,
Oil on Canvas, 12 x 15''


Portrait Commission,2019,
Oil on Canvas, 12 x 15''



LR Oil on Panel 15 x 12" 2011

BR,2006, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 15''

PSR,2011, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 15''

LR, 2005, Oil on Canvas,12 x 15''

PSJR,2011, Oil on Panel, 12 x 15''

Painting from a photograph is useful when the subject is a child or someone who doesn't have time to sit for a traditional portrait. In the photo session I ask adult and older children to hold a pose for up to twenty minutes imitating the conditions of a portrait from life. This helps me to produce a portrait with repose and interiority which is otherwise difficult to get using photos.

This method is relatively inexpensive with prices for pictures like those shown here starting at 800. This price includes a provisional frame and my travel
expenses within London. Pictures can be paid for by standing order over a period of up to two years. Please email me to discuss this.

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