Portrait Drawings

Family Portrait Commission,
Pencil, 18½ x 23½" (47 x 60cm)


J, 2015, Pencil, 22 x 18cm

L, 2015, Pencil, 24 x 18cm

A, 2015, Pencil, 24 x 18

2011, Pencil, 23 x 19cm

2019, Pencil, 20 x 26cm

Marcelline Bertrand,
Pencil, 23 x 19cm

2015, Pencil, 20 x 23cm

      2015, Pencil, 19 x 23cm

Portrait, 2013, Pencil,  60 x 45cm


These portrait drawings are from photographs that I take myself. Prices are worked out on the basis of 500 per head. This excludes framing, travel and delivery expenses.

Please contact me at  if you would like more information. 

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